Manpreet Kaur

Extrajudicial execution on August 31, 1991

Female, age 13



Primary school






Sikh, Kesdhari



Photo of Manpreet Kaur, victim of extrajudicial execution on August 31, 1991, in Chandigarh, by Black cat

Prior Abuse

Prior detentions


Perceived reason for targeting victim

Victim was related to a militant

Extrajudicial Execution on August 31, 1991

Location of killing

Victim’s Residence, Jatana

Body Disposal

Body returned


Cremation location

Village cremation ground

Condition of corpse

Bullet wounds; Burn marks

Bhog notice

Yes, Ajit, Tribune

Security Forces Implicated

Forces involved in extrajudicial execution

Officials involved in extrajudicial execution

Ajit Singh Poohla, Black cat, Chandigarh

Sumedh Singh [Saini], Senior Superintendent of Police, Chandigarh Police, Chandigarh

Militancy Involvement



Militant support provided


Remedies & Impact

Security officials approached


Legal remedies pursued

No, Afraid of retaliation, Did not know what to do, Insufficient funds

Impact on family

Family member(s) dropped out of school, Family member(s) was mentally disturbed, Family became impoverished

Remedies desired from government

Monetary compensation to family; Rehabilitation services to family; Employment

Connected Victims

Extrajudicial executions/disappearances in family


Genuine encounters in family


Co-victims of extrajudicial execution

Family Reflections

Manpreet Kaur's uncle asked, "What bad thing did my family members do to anyone? Two of them were children, and one was an elderly woman. These poor souls hadn't even left the house."


Manpreet Kaur was a Ramgharia, Kesdhari Sikh, and a resident of village Jatana in Ropar. She was 13 years old when security forces killed her and three other family members. She was a student and was not a combatant. She had never provided any support to the militancy.

Security forces had never detained Manpreet Kaur prior to her killing. However, security forces had subjected her uncle and two other male family members to repeated illegal detention. Manpreet Kaur's family states they were targeted because her cousin was a militant.

On August 31, 1991, security forces from Chandigarh, led by Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Sumedh Singh (Saini), and including black cat (police agent) Ajit Singh Poohla, came to Manpreet Kaur's house and shot and killed her, her grandmother, her mother, and another young family member. According to her uncle, "Ajit Singh Phoola, the police tout, came to our house alongside police officials. The Granthi of our village saw the cars arriving. [They] came to our house and shot and killed my [family]. Then, [they] lit the house on fire."

In the morning, when villagers examined the house, the occupants were dead. Police officials blamed the killings on militants, and released Manpreet Kaur's uncle from detention. He stated, "I came and saw everything. Then, that very day, we performed the cremation of the salvaged bodies." The bodies had bullet wounds and burn marks on them. Police officials continued to visit family members and offer money if they would blame the militants. The family refused to do so. The family published a bhog notice for Manpreet Kaur in the Ajit and Tribune.

Surviving family members did not approach security officials or pursue legal remedies due to fear of retaliation, not knowing what to do, and insufficient funds. A young family member who had suffered repeated illegal detention dropped out of school, and suffered mentally; the family became impoverished. Family members desire monetary compensation for the abuses, rehabilitation services, and employment.

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